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What we do

JRF-Global will work with you to open up new doors with your future clients and lead you to opportunities for winning new business. This is not a quick win process, but a top-level service whereby we are forging relationships with the key decision makers in the companies you desire to be doing business with.

Through a carefully and co-created strategic plan, where we will jointly discuss, define and agree your ambitions and client development 2your proposition, JRF-Global will then execute that plan and begin activity to contact your prospects. Prior to this and as part of JRF-Global´s set up process, a full briefing will take place where we want to hear from you the passion you have for your business so we can completely embrace your Company culture and get “under the skin” of what makes you special. There are of course a number of other “housekeeping” matters necessary to the smooth execution and running of the engagement that we will also cover.

All our work is predominantly carried out via the telephone, using email when necessary, but not as the preferred initial method of contact. We will usually be targeting senior level decision-makers or key influencers. Depending on your business and your target audience this may be at ´C´ Suite level or Executive or Senior Management.

We act as ambassadors of your Company and present ourselves as part of your senior team. We have the necessary experience, communication skills, intelligence and business acumen that enables us to move the call, that begins as an client developmentinterruption to that person’s day, to a conversation – engaging and starting a two-way dialogue.

Every call is unique, every person and their response is different, which is one very important reason why we never work from scripts. Throughout, we will manage the timing of recalls and follow ups, dependent on the outcome of the initial call and by using our experience, intuition and instincts. Every conversation is captured in our CRM system, together with any valuable marketing intelligence from the discussions.

“Joanna is a dedicated, tenacious and experienced business woman. She is honest and hardworking and a straight talker. If you want to grow your business via lead generation, her experience is second to none. I would highly recommend her to any business wishing to expand.”Business Owner, London

When you engage with JRF-Global we will follow a set and methodical set-up process that we designed to ensure the smooth transition from our initial introductory discussion, agreement to move forward, set-up and research, right through to commencement of activity.

To learn more about the process and how we can help your business, contact us here.

“Joanna is a very detailed, logical and knowledgeable individual. She prides herself on producing the highest quality outputs. She has awesome people skills and works well in teams.”Consultant, South Africa
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